8th Light — Software Development Consultancy

June, 2012 ~ February, 2016

Lead Engineer : BluStor GateKeeper, Biometrics-Secured Android SDK & Apps

Created an Android-based SDK and app for bluetooth communication with a biometrics-secured smartcard. Developed the protocol for serial communication via bluetooth. Integrated with a third-party biometrics SDK. Collaborated with smartcard hardware team to develop and document the communication API.

Extracted SDK, sample app, and production app from original proof-of-concept. Documented SDK for third-party developers. Emphasized ease of development for current and future team members.

Lead Node.js & JavaScript Engineer : Immersive Home Refresh Product Experience

Led development on a dynamic touch interface for a home improvement products catalog which responded to user interaction by projecting product imagery onto the surfaces of a blank room. The product browser was a JavaScript web application hosted on a local Node.js server. A client-managed application synced product inventory data daily. The local server provided an API for an iOS companion app.

Collaborated closely with the UX Designers. Emphasis was given to making the Interface Designers’ work as frictionless as possible. Succeeded with the challenge of using zero JavaScript dependencies in the product browser.

Full-Stack Clojure & ClojureScript Developer : VuShaper, Dynamic Video Streaming Platform

Developed dynamic video streaming platform with configurable viewer prompts. Created a rules engine for video stream augmentation based on real-time input and historical viewer data. Maintained and extended a Clojure web application with mixed ClojureScript & JavaScript front-end. Integrated with video asset compression API. Iteratively redesigned architecture in response to evolving business requirements.

Full-Stack Web & Mobile Developer : AXUS, Traveler Itinerary Curation Tool

Maintained and further developed Clojure-based web application and API. Integrated with travel industry booking databases. Refactored legacy Clojure application with extensible architecture. Converted legacy ClojureScript library to JavaScript. Integrated Android app with API while maintaining feature parity with iOS app. Emphasized ease of maintenance and extension for current and future team members.

Lead Android Developer : College Athletics Recruiting Platform

Developed Android counterpart to existing iOS app. Integrated with internal API for authentication and user data. Implemented continuous integration with local Jenkins server. Collaborated with UI Designer for app interactions and assets.

Full-Stack Rails & JavaScript Engineer : Group Coupon E-Commerce Platform

Developed Rails and Marionette.js single-page application to replace existing sales pipeline tool. Planned and delivered around iterations. Collaborated with a designer, junior developers, and contracted developers. Integrated with internal services.

Full-Stack Node.js & JavaScript Engineer : Group Coupon E-Commerce Platform

Refactored legacy Node application in production. Harnessed untested code with test suite to enable safe, stable changes. Collaborated with overseas teams for homegrown internationalization. Integrated with internal services and SalesForce.

Rails Engineer : Group Coupon E-Commerce Platform

Collaborated with developer team to scale an inventory system through service extraction. Contributed to performance enhancements at the application and database layers to support hundreds of thousands of requests per minute.

JavaScript Interface Engineer : Automotive Dashboard Prototype

Implemented automotive console UI using Qt. Integrated with CAN bus using both C and Qt-JavaScript bindings. Deployed on-site with client team's prototype hardware installed in the vehicle.

Rails Developer : College Athletics Recruiting Platform

Extracted business behavior from legacy Java application into Ruby application. Extended automated email service for event-based behavior. Integrated email rendering with homegrown A/B testing service and Mandrill.

Ruby Developer : Group Coupon E-Commerce Platform

Implemented rules-based account automation for the sales team. Iteratively refined and extended rules to match an existing, manual process. Regularly demonstrated development progress and discussed agenda in iteration planning meetings.

Android Developer : White-Label Video on Demand Platform

Contributed to a widely-distributed Android SDK and associated apps with an emphasis on extensibility. Collaborated with development team while also teaching best practices and design patterns.



JavaScript, Java, Ruby, Clojure, C, Python, Go, Node.js


Android, Neurotechnology, BluStor GateKeeper, Rails, Sinatra


Goodreads, Amazon (Product Advertising, S3), Plaid.io


TDD/BDD, Clean Code, Agile